Matt Talbot Retreat Group #102

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about Matt Talbot

MT102 was started in the early 1990s by members of several larger Matt Talbot groups. Located in the vicinity of St. Christopher's Inn and the Franciscan Friary at Graymoor, the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center provides exceptional hospitality and accommodations, including all meals from arrival supper on Friday to the breakfast on Sunday. For more information, see the Retreat tab at the top of this page, and see you at Graymoor! 

about Matt Talbot Retreat Group 102

Venerable Matt Talbot

A Powerful Example of Triumph over Alcoholism

The Matt Talbot Retreat Movement is the service organization that promotes and encourages the formation of Matt Talbot retreat groups and provides support and other materials for those established groups. For more information on the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement, follow this link.

Matt Talbot (May 2nd, 1856-June 7th, 1925) provides a powerful example of triumph over alcoholism in a time before the establishment of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, Talbot was one of twelve children of a poor family. By the time he was a teenager, he was considered by many to be a hopeless alcoholic. 

In 1884, at the age of 28, with his entire paycheck already being transmitted to the local pub to pay down his debt, Matt took The Pledge, a 90-day pledge of abstinence from alcohol encouraged by the Catholic Church. Telling his mother, she replied, "Don't take it if you can't keep it."

But he did keep it. Never having had a drink again, he died at the age of 69 on his way to mass. After his death, his good works and asceticism began to emerge and a movement for the canonization of Matt Talbot was begun by Archbishop Byrne of Dublin in 1931. Matt Talbot is now considered Venerable, continuing on his journey to sainthood.